This section is meant to help answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions from those interested in becoming a part of the LEDradiant (LEDr) sales team.

  1. Are the job positions employee based on independent contractor?

     It depends on the position, however most are set up as independent contractor (1099) which gives the Account Executive the opportunity to operate as their own business.

  2. What support does LEDr corporate provide to the Account Executives?

    LEDr provides  the following including: Initial training on how to identify, contact and present to a potential customer; Understanding LED lighting; Provides multi-media presentations for use on computers, tablets or iPads; Educational & marketing materials; 

  3. How are territories assigned?

    There are an infinite number of ways to define sales territories, however LEDr has created a territory management system that incorporates a combination including:

    • Geography: LEDr utilizes a software system to calculate the number of businesses within each zip code and assigns the AE territory by zip codes. The AE is responsible for generating leads and conducting site surveys based on the industries assigned within their territory.
    • Vertical Market: Account Specialists have specific experience in particular vertical markets, therefore they may be assigned only those specific markets and may work with in the same territory of an AE. Sales made by an AS within an AE territory may result in a shared commission.
  4. What is the difference between an Account Executive, Account Specialist, Sales Agency Rep and Sales Distribution Company?

    • Account Executive (AE): AE’s are individuals who will sell products “direct” to the consumer from LEDr (the manufacturer). AE’s will conduct Lighting Site Surveys and prepare a Solutions & ROI Package for the Customer. This model allows the consumer to reduce their energy costs while also securing products direct from LEDr at significantly lower costs than our competitors. 

    • Account Specialist (AS): Some sales people have experience in specific vertical markets such as schools, municipalities, hospitals, police departments, fire departments, etc. LEDr Sales Management may designate members of our sales team with this type of experience as “Account Specialists” and they will primarily focus on specific vertical markets upon hiring.  Account Specialists may also be assigned accounts within an AE’s territory and may work with the AE on certain accounts.

    • Sales Agency Representative (SAR): LEDr has established agreements with existing sales agencies (SAR’s) who employ multiple Account Executives or Agents that currently represent other manufactures to multiple industries. LEDr sells through these agencies and trains their account executives to sell LEDr products directly to their existing and new clients. 

    • Sales Distribution Companies (SDC): LEDr establishes agreements with existing sales distribution companies (SDR’s) who employ multiple Account Executives or Agents and have existing service contracts to provide a multitude of products (i.e. janitorial supplies, industrial products, etc.) to larger corporations, businesses, government agencies, and hospitals.  LEDr sells through these agencies and trains their account executives to sell LEDr products directly to their existing and new clients.

    Electricians who sell LEDr products directly to their customers also fall into the category of a Sales Distribution Company.

  5. How does someone interested in selling LEDr products get started?

    Simply go to the Apply page on this website if your are interested in becoming an Account Executive or Account Specialist; or go the the Sales Agency page to get started.

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